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Birthdays, The Hamiltome and The Creative Well

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Hamilton. It’s hard not to, considering I regularly burst into verse when something someone says reminds me of a line to one of the songs. For anyone who doesn’t know me, Hamilton is a broadway musical about the American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. There’s dramaand rapping and […]

June: Blue Hair and Still Being Scared

It’s been a while. A way too long while, considering this post is at least twenty days late, but I hope you’ll bare with me. Since my last post here, I feel like a lot and very little has happened, but I have been on a long break, and that accidentally became a blog break […]

Five Steps To A Perfect First Draft

Step One: Be keenly aware that there’s no way in hell you’re ever going write a perfect first draft, but try anyway.  This is the naive phase. Sure, you’ve written first drafts before, and they’ve all turned out abominably, but this time will be different. No book idea has ever been as shiny and wonderful as the […]

May: Deadlines, Early Mornings and Cold Tea

So the last few months have been kind of crazy. Oasis was released in March, and ever since then my life has been a whirlwind of media interviews, stress, and that indescribable feeling of knowing that people are actually reading your book. The feedback for Oasis has been amazing. I’ve received so many lovely messages on all my […]

Swords and Shields and Unimportant Things

Something a lot of writers struggle with, myself included, is the dreaded Comparison. I like to imagine Comparison as an ugly, slimy, black blob of gnashing teeth and rotten breath, because that is precisely what it feels like when it slips up behind you and starts trying to drown you in a sea of self-doubt, […]